POS Software for Repair Shops in Texas – A Promise of Success

In this digital era, everyone has a smart phone and almost every house has all kinds of electronic gadgets. With rapid upturn of cellphones, tablets, computers, smart watches and other electronics usage, Texas repair industry is having a great deal of business. A convenient and fitting point of sale software for repair stores in Texas is necessary for shooting at higher sales and here’s why:

  • What makes any business successful? Pleased employees and happy customers.
  • How can the workforce of a business be pleased? By making their work as easier as possible. And what assures the happiness of customers? Quality and swiftness of service.

Let’s figure out what can be done to flourish a repair business by keeping its employees and customers happy and satisfied.

First we need to find the factors or events that can cause discomfort, frustration, unhappiness and dissatisfaction for a repair store worker. Some of the factors are the burden of tracking and recording every sale, maintaining the inventory and managing customer information and sales history which a POS software for repair stores in Texas can easily solve. The events causing uneasiness, pressure and even embarrassment for a repair store worker are missing important sales data, making errors in sales record, forgetting to take notice of short items in the inventory, taking too long in dealing sales etc. Next, we look into the things that can bother any customer of a repair shop like getting poor or delayed repair service, having to wait in a line, recurrent visits to the shop to get updates about the repair or a product etc.

What if we tell you that all of these problems can be solved by purchasing a single product and installing it in your repair business? Intriguing, right? Here goes: RepairDesk, a cloud-based repair POS software.

With this cloud-base software for repair stores in Texas, you can not only keep your employees and customers happy by tackling all the above discussed issues, but you can also catch an easy breath for yourself. Our Repair POS software brings interesting features and analytical tools to help Texas repair store owners to manage multiple stores, track employee performance, apply employee commissions, run marketing campaigns and many other things in order to run successful repair business.

What does RepairDesk offer?

Our repair store POS software in Texas offers the ultimate solution for all sales, customer, employee and inventory management related issues of Texas repair stores.


Point of Sale

It gives you the fastest and easiest solutions to managing your sales and invoices. You can search for different items, customers, repairing tickets, invoices, cash in/out details etc. POS feature provides the following highlights to a Texas repair shop owner:

  • Cash In/Out With Shift Management
  • Discount & Notes
  • Integrated Payment Processing
  • Split Payment Between Multiple Tender Types
  • Create and Print Custom Receipts, Invoices & Labels
  • Employee Commission
  • Search Items, Customers, Tickets, Invoices & More
  • Multilingual POS For Multi language Customers
  • Customer Facing Display

Repair Ticket Management

This module facilitates the repair store worker as well as the customer by setting up direct access to repair schedules, undone repairs, item orders, warranty claims and repair alerts. Following options can be explored under repair ticket management:

  • Calendar View
  • Repair Queue Management
  • Email & SMS Alerts
  • Special Part Ordering
  • Export Tickets To CSV
  • One Click Warranty Claim
  • Centralized Ticket History

Inventory Management

Inventory management feature liberates a repair shop owner or employee from their primary headache, keeping regular track of all the store items and dealing with their unavailability. It allows you to serialize, pair and keep on-time count of all your store products. Inventory management comes with the following sub-features:

  • Inventory Control
  • Serialized Inventory
  • Inventory Counts
  • Manage Repairs & Inventory Bundle
  • Buy & Sell Pre-Owned Devices
  • Customizable Taxes
  • Import or Export Product Catalogue
  • Print Barcode & Labels

Customer Invoicing

Customer invoicing proposes convenient options to build healthy relationship with your good customers and enrolling more of them in your repair store. You can make groups of your customers and make sales in a bulk. Customers can be entertained by accepting PayPal payments and providing the option to pay collectively for multiple invoices. This feature breaks itself down in the following selections:

  • Customer Groups & Third Party Billing
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Bulk Import or Export Customer
  • Look Professional & Get Paid
  • Single Payment For Multiple Invoices
  • Accept Payment Using PayPal

Employee Management

A repair shop owner can keep an eye on his/her employees’ regular performance by tracking their job shifts, assigning roles, checking their sales etc. Employees can be kept under control by simply clicking buttons of our repair shop POS software in Texas. All of these boss tasks can be performed using the following choices under employee management feature of RepairDesk:

  • Employee Time Tracking
  • Employee Roles & Permissions
  • Restrict Employee Access To RepairDesk Based On IP
  • Switch User Profile
  • Employee Productivity Report

Automated Marketing

Marketing of your store offers and services can be automated through our POS software for repair stores in Texas. It advances your marketing campaigns by sending email and SMS alerts to your registered customers through the following options:

  • Custom Campaigns
  • Customized Email & SMS Alerts


Your repair technicians can streamline their repair jobs and follow their tight schedule by spending a little time on field service management. It provides them detailed reports of their pending repair tasks and all assigned repair tickets. Techs can utilize the following selections under field service management:

  • Technician Dashboard
  • Repair Tickets
  • Invoice Management
  • Square Payment Integration


Knowing your position in the market and taking a regular look on your reports will give you a hint of your progress. With the reporting tool of our repair POS software, you can view summaries, logs and reports over a day, a week or your own specified range of time. Following are the available selections that allow you to do so:

  • Multi Store Dashboard
  • Transaction log
  • Reconciliation Report
  • Sales Summary
  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Employee Productivity

Multi Store

Running a multi-location repair business in Texas, you don’t have to worry about your physical availability in all of the stores or franchises. Our repair store POS software in Texas can empower you to handle all your store branches efficiently and smoothly through the multi store feature. You can manage the inventories, repair tickets and sales of all your repair stores being at one or even none.

  • View Real Time Inventory Across All Locations
  • Inventory Transfer
  • Repair Tickets Transfer between Stores
  • Access Information Anywhere
  • Powerful Dashboard


Our cloud-based repair shop POS software in Texas can be easily integrated with famous repair business platforms like ReVamp, Vero, BlueFin, Stripe, TSYS etc. By synchronizing our repair store automation product with all these platforms, you can enjoy their services alongside ours. Say hello to the following add-ons:

  • ReVamp Wholesale Electronic Parts Ordering Integration
  • Say Hello To Appointment Calendar
  • Repair Tracker
  • Allow Customers To Receive Quote on Used Devices With Buyback Widget
  • Improve Check-In Speed Using Customer Self Check-In Widget
  • In-Take Customer Signature Before & After Repair With Customer Facing Display Widget
  • Google Cloud Print & Print Node Integration
  • Manage your accounts with Xero Integration
  • Allow you to accept credit/debit cards swiping with BlueFin, Stripe or TSYS

RepairDesk is the best success formula for all Texas repair store owners as it carries a range of features to make their employees’ work easier and keep their customers happy. It offers a 14 day free trial to welcome you on board and expert support to take you through all the early stages and processes. If you have a repair store in Texas that is going through a rough patch or you want to improve the system of your good-enough repair business, our repair shop POS software is your missing shoe to take you to your “prince charming”pos.
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